Paying Taxes in Spain - 210 Form (Non Residents)


One off fee, to pay your own Non Resident Tax in Spain

 Non Resident property owner in Spain?

Paying a Lawyer/Fiscal to pay your Non Resident La Renta Tax?


You can pay this yourself saving the Lawyer's/Fiscal's annual fee!

I have produced a Guide on how to pay your own La Renta tax.

Buy my Guide today and banish those annual fees for ever!

More money in your pocket to enjoy your time in Spain.

It's a no brainer!

When I first bought in Spain, I was incensed to find that the annual fee for a Lawyer or Fiscal to pay my Non Resident Tax, was more than the actual tax itself - outrageous!

So, I set about learning how to pay the tax myself, it worked!

Now I want to share my knowledge with you.

Please note, The Wealth Tax was abolished on 31st December 2007, but if you are in arrears with paying your tax, my Guide includes full details of how to pay this tax too!